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Community-Based Youth Baseball In Keizer, Oregon.



For our older players and those seeking a more competitive level of play, we offer a competitive league option (JBO) for player grades 3rd through 8th. There will be 12-18 league games, weeknights April - June but can extend into early July for makeup games. League standings are tracked with post season births on the line for the top teams in each league. Teams qualifying for post season play will play into mid-July. About half of the games played in Keizer and the other half in neighboring areas like Mt. Angel, Newburg, Estacada, and Canby.

JBO Overview

JBO Levels:

Federal = highly competitive
American = very competitive
National = level similar to rec. with a bit more competitiveness.

Grade Breakdown:

Grades: 3rd - 4th (Minors) will play on a JBO team of appropriate skill level.
Players wishing to play on a JBO team will need to go through an evaluation to determine appropriate level of competition.

Grades: 5th - 6th (Juniors) and 7th - 8th grade (Seniors) will play on a JBO team of appropriate skill level.
At this grade level, all players will be evaluated for proper placement on a JBO team. To play at the Federal level, players will need to go through a multi-day tryout process.

JBO teams can also choose to play in weekend invitational tournaments. Tournaments are entirely up to each individual team’s discretion. Tournament games do not count towards league standings but are an excellent venue for players to blossom by playing lots of innings over a short period of time and allows for kids to pitch who may not be ready for league game pitching duties.

JBO has very strong rules in place regarding player safety including strict pitch count limits to ensure pitchers will not be overworked in any given game or week.

We expect to have JBO teams for each age level: Minor, Junior, and Senior. The number of Federal, American and National teams will be determined based on evaluation scores and tryout results at each level. 

Evaluations / Tryouts / Team Placement Process

JBO team selections will be based primarily on evaluations scores. Federal teams (and American at Minor level) will be based off coaches' discretion after evaluations. Our goal is to place all players at a level where they can excel – at a level with players of similar ages, skill, and emotional maturity level. Our decisions are intended to improve the overall growth and success of our players and we strive to deliver the best experience for our players and families as possible. Please keep in mind that there will be no refunds after evaluations.

We will make every effort to place all players who register on a team, however in rare cases we could have an odd number of players. In these instances, first come first serve will apply.  For example, if we have 3 teams at the maximum 13 player rosters (39 total), and have 45 players sign up, then the last 6 player to sign up would be put on a waiting list.  We would either need to find more players to make a 4th team or wait and see if spots opened up on existing teams.

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